For more than 30 years, medical professionals worldwide have depended on Aircast for technological breakthroughs in patient care. Rooted in scientific methods, each Aircast product is developed using the concept of “functional management.” 

Aircast set a new standard of care for sprains and other injuries with patented technology and the use of graduated pneumatic compression.


Good Posture Can Make All The Difference!
Whether you’re standing, sitting or lying down, maintaining a healthy posture is important in order to keep our body in proper alignment and running the way it’s intended. 

Continued poor postural alignment can increase the risk of injury to the muscles, joints or ligaments, as well as affect digestion and respiratory systems.



Back Nodger is your buddy to help you ‘take a pop’ at aches and pains! Few people live active enough lives, resulting in more pain. No-one likes being in pain and noone likes to think of themselves as a patient.

Back Nodger is there to help make body management an easy lifestyle choice, not a burden.


Many of my clients complain about discomfort from sleeping on their stomach. More times than not, they’re using a pillow that puts their neck and back in an undesirable position.

By using a thin pillow like The Belly Sleeper, you can alleviate the pressure points in the spine that can lead to short term soreness and long term chronic issues.”



DonJoy pioneered the concept of functional knee bracing over 30 years ago and has led the profession of performance ever since by studying the body, listening to athletes, consulting physicians and pushing the envelope of innovation.

Today, DonJoy braces are standard equipment for competitors in over 44 countries. They count on us to create world-class products, while medical professionals look to us for unmatched service and in-depth education. 


Footlogics is an Australian-owned company founded in 2005 and specialising in the manufacturing and 
distribution of foot orthotics. The body is a biomechanical kinetic chain where abnormal movements in one joint can interfere with proper movements at other joints. 

Footlogics orthotics restore our natural foot function, allowing joints and muscles to function more efficiently.
In turn, they help relieve and prevent not only painful
foot conditions but also biomechanical complaints and injuries in other parts of the body.



Hallufix® orthopaedic devices symbolize innovative technology, high-quality materials and precise processing. The Hallufix® Hallux Valgus Splint has been internationally awarded.

It was developed by scientists and orthopaedists for pain relief and correction of big toe malpositioning (“bunion pain”, medical term: Hallux valgus).


The very effective plank exercise strengthens the entire body. Arms, shoulders, back, abs, glutes and legs are trained simultaneously and highly efficient.

Plankpad comes with a fitting app with many games and workouts. Your training is much more fun. The app is synchronized with the Plankpad.

The playful training distracts you and makes you last much longer during the exercises.



Rollga is an enhanced foam roller for stabilizing your hips, aligning your back, and increasing range-of-motion, and reversing pain caused from shin splints. The Rollga foam roller is ideal for muscle recovery. Ordinary foam rollers cause discomfort and pain due to the unfitting design. 

This body-shaped foam roller is designed and contoured to fit your body and reach trigger points that are difficult to reach with an ordinary roller.


Veinax is produced by a world leading compression hoisery manufacturer, ETI (Elastic Theraphy Inc.) ETI has been providing customers throughout the world with a full line of private-label graduated compression hosiery with state-of-art facility in
U.S.A since 1989.

Today, French company has completely revamped it’s core compression range Veinax in order to respond better to the recommendations made by the French health department (HAS)



Shoe Rescue was developed in 2012 in Ireland by a registered podiatrist and is an all natural, extremely effective remedy for the common and often embarrassing problem of odour in footwear. This shoe odour is caused by the combination of sweat and bacteria which thrives in this warm moist environment inside your shoe.

Over the past number of years word has spread and Shoe Rescue has become a household name in many countries across Europe. It is a powder product which is made from blending a combination of natural powders and essential oils resulting in a natural but powerful remedy for odour in footwear.