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Channel Management

Selective distribution strategy always drive our team to choose right distributors depends on products.

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E-Commerce, Retail & TV Homeshopping Channels

Most Major retailers in South Korea already connected with EV Medtech. ​


Wellness products (Healthcare, Medical device, Activity) are most welcomed and
Brand management is the key success factor in the competitive market.

We develop Customer insights/segments and Customer journey, Targeting, Positiong before crafting Marketing Strategy for our brand.      Our channel management is strong and we have many accounts with major domestic retailers (merchandisers) projecting monthly & yearly promotional plan

– Korean Population: 51 million (2020)

– Korean Retail Market Size: 430 billion USD (2020)

– Korean E-retail market size: 146 billion USD (2020)

– Mobile Purchasing market size: 98 billion USD (2020)

– TV Shopping Market/ Size: 7 billion USD (2020)

Medical Channels

EV has medical device importing & sales license and South Korea is one of fastest aging society in the world and that makes medical expense go up steeply in the coming year.

Medical device should be neccessary to pass KFDA clearance and KGMP process (depends on) before official sales.                        Insurance code registration under Korean national health insurance system (K-NHIS) is also key success factor to build up        consistent sales pipeline.    We can provide business acumen at that point. 


Korean Medical Landscape 

– The number of Korean hospitals and clinics are around 85,000 (2016).

  (The numbers include oriental hospitals and dentist clinic and goverment health centers)

-The number of Korean drug stores (Pharmacy): Around 21,000 (2016)

-The number of Korean Medical stores: Around 64,000 (2016)