We Care About Enhancing the Quality of Your Life. 

We Believe Sustainable Business Partnership Manage
the Relationship, Not Just the Deal !

In physics, Escape Velocity is the speed needed to “break free” from a gravitational field without
further propulsion. 
In management, it is the speed & sales that need to go up beyond
“break-even point ” to forward real profit zone. 
EV stands for Escape Velocity. 

EV MEDTECH company is built up for
Healthcare/medical device/ Activity industry entrepreneurs
who need business network in NE-Asia, especially starting from South Korea. 

We all are professionals. We can build up your business from  New Business Development to Exclusive Distribution.


Proven Record and Data(System) driven Organization


Build Up EV Medtech Corporation

Medical device Importing & Sales license approved by Government

Starting E-commerce business and installed with logistics system.

Speaking English name without title for vivid communication and good working relationship.

# Joining Asia Pacific Product training, HongKong


Expand 15 domestic major Channels and deals with 16 items.

Installed with Intranet Work solution system.

# Visiting Japan drug store & healthcare exhibition, Tokyo, Japan


Installed with E-commerce integrated management system.

Managed by One-click from 22 Channel Orders to Quick response on all CRM messages and change contents & promotions simultaneously.

# Visiting Medica Exhibition, Germany


Installed with Finance based ERP system and optimize Procurement process. 

Set up and implement Merit pay system and raise Work and Life Balance(WLB) culture by boosting Digitization.


Using Contracted Fulfillment (3PL) system up to 85% of orders, Optimize Inventory and Operation process.

# Joining Asia Pacific Distributor Summit, Bangkok, Thailand.


Focusing on Brand & Marketing management and Optimize B2C & B2B Channels.

Implementing Pension Programs managed by Individuals.

# Visiting CMEF Expo & China Sports Show, Shanghai, China.


Expanding TV Home shopping channels and outsourcing 95% orders into Fulfillment System.

Obtain Insurance (reimbursement) code under K-NHIS (National Health Insurance System)

# Visiting Fibo Expo, Germany and joining AP product training session, Penang, Malaysia.


Build up Company brand centric e-commerce site and Manage more than 60 items and 50 Channels.

Joining Life chemical product management system for importing & sales under government control.

CAGR has shown 59.1 % for 5 years.


Developing Data driven organization by Digital transformation for next-staged business.

We Are Still Reporting Double-Digit Growth Every Year !